Free courses to help you use space as a context for your teaching


ESERO-UK currently have 2 free courses and 1 webinar running to help you use space as a context in your teaching or as a part of a STEM Club:

Teaching Primary Science: Human Spaceflight 

From knowing the properties and uses of the materials required for an astronaut’s spacesuit to having an understanding of diet and exercise in order to keep an astronaut healthy–human spaceflight is a rich context for learning. On this course, you will learn how keeping humans alive in space and how our view of the Earth from space can be linked to the primary curriculum. You will discover a variety of topics in the primary science curriculum where you can use the theme of space to engage pupils, including the STEM subjects and cross-curricular links to numeracy and literacy.

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Teaching Primary Science: Exploring Space 

The thrill of space exploration is an exciting context for teaching the primary curriculum. On this course, you’ll learn how to use examples from space exploration to teach science and technology in school, and discover hands-on activities for your pupils to enjoy. You’ll address common misconceptions about space, and explore current and future space missions. As you explore the solar system and beyond, you’ll learn effective ways to engage pupils in science and wider STEM activities, and build a curriculum plan using the context of space exploration to support your pupils’ learning.

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Webinar - using space as a context in your teaching 

Hosted by one of our ESERO-UK Space Champions this free 1 hour webinar is for all levels of teachers and technicians. It will showcase current activities and free resources available that can be used in the classroom and beyond, giving examples of how space can be used as a context for teaching many topics. Areas covered include (but are not limited to) primary level Earth and Space, literacy, numeracy and How Science Works, and secondary level biology, chemistry, physics, astronomy, geography and DT.

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