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Hello Everyone,

I work for Surrey Libraries and I have set up a Science Club in one of our branches. I would really appreciate any help or suggestions that anyone has. So far we have done pH testing with red cabbage and building mini catapults with lolly sticks. I have also planned to cover Volcanoes, building bridges and making a marble run. I don't have a budget for this club so I am mainly using recycled materials and donations. We have aimed the club at primary aged children aged 6 -11 and the club runs once a fortnight. 


Subject(s)Science, Outside the classroom, STEM Clubs, Practical work
Age5-7, 7-11
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Hi Laura,

This sounds fantastic. I used to be Head of Science in a SEND school where the budget was minimal but you can still do a lot with supermarket 'chemicals'. If you want any advice, let me know. If you like, I can give you my direct email for contact.



Hi Hannah

That would be great. I would really apreaciate any advice you have. My email address is if want to contact me.




Look at the Marvin and Milo website

This has great stuff which you are able to do at home as all the equipment is what you would find there.



As part of our STEM Clubs programme we have developed an initiative called Community STEM Clubs, its about libraries and museums setting up STEM CLubs for young people in their local community.

Part of the initiative is the resource kits which can be borrowed free of charge. We are working with libraries across the UK and will start to release the resource kits very soon. The kits contain the materials and tools needed to carry out 8 activities - linked to Movies and Magic (9-11 year olds) and Movie Music  (11-14 year olds).

We have developed online CPD videos to support the activities enabling any club or STEM Ambassador to deliver the activities with confidence.

If you are interested in being involved simply contact us at

N Percy



Have you looked at the IET resources?

They are really useful and they have some good ideas about funding.

You could also have a go at these.  All of the resources are easily available as they are designed as experiments to do at home.

Feel free to email me if you want any more advice