HPQ: Maths: KS3: Adding Fractions: Michelle Cush

Which of these are answers to the question 4/16+8/16? Choose as many letters as you think are right.

a) 12/32

b) 12/16

c) 20/24

d) 3/4

Answer: b and d.


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From a primary school perspective this is now a question which year four pupils are expected to be able to answer.

Steve Lyon

Whilst I would expect this question to feature in primary school, a similar question in which the denominators are different values would be appropriate in key stage 3


I understand that this has been covered in KS3 and will need to continue to be reinforced in KS3 until all primary classes are mastering the expectations for the new curriculum. I wasn't  sure if KS3 teachers are aware of the new expectations for primary and that by the end of year 4 there is an expectation that pupils will be able to add and subtract fractions with both the same and different denominators. It will be interesting to see how long it takes for KS3 teachers to be reinforcing this concept rather than teaching it.