Biology : Post-16 : Protein Synthesis : Judy Vatcher

Which of the following processes occur during translation?

A             DNA uncoils and unzips

B             RNA binds to free nucleotides

C             mRNA binds to tRNA

D             codons bind to anticodons

Answer:  C and D


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Thank you for your question Judy.  You may like this resource to go with it:

The animation shows how, during the process of transcription, polymerase unzips the DNA and uses it as a template to produce a strand of messenger RNA (mRNA) . The animation then goes on to show how this mRNA, along with transfer-RNA, is used in ribosomes to translate the genetic code during the joining of amino acids in protein synthesis.

The animation contains quite a high level of detail and is more suited to students following post-16 biology courses. It may, however, be suitable for some younger students as an extension to their learning.