Volunteer needed to deliver science session to speech and language specialist school students - Westminster STEAM Week

Hi everyone! 

I work on the youth engagement program for Westminster Business Unit and am currently organising STEAM Week (9th-13th MArch - as part of British Science Week). I've advertised an activity (see link below) and would love for a volunteer to go in to out speech and language specialist school in Westminster to deliver a microscope based activity. Please see link and let me know if you're interested. Students are in years 7-9 but have the learning level of KS2. (They are working towards entry level science qualification.) They love hands on, dynamic learning styles. Time and date flexible according to you availability (during 9th-13th March). 




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Hi Genevieve,

It sounds like an exciting opportunity unfortunately I am too far away to make it possible. Have you contacted local schools or colleges to find out if they have someone who could come to this school? I am a science technician in a secondary school and we put on activities within school to engage the community, I am sure other schools do the same.

Janis Leadbeater