Research Invitation: Gender & Science Education

Hi all,


My name is Matthew Topham, and I am running a survey of school students’ to investigate their perceptions of science and science education as they move from KS2 to KS3. This transition has been identified as a potentially important point for some girls losing interest in science. The results will help us identify if this is the case, what the causes may be and how to address them. I am based at the University of York Biology Department and this survey forms the basis of final year research project.


Please consider inviting your students to take part, either in class or as homework. The survey will run throughout February, if you need a little time to prepare.


The survey should take 10-15 minutes. You can choose to run it on a computer - I recommend this as it has some added features which are more fun for pupils and gives us a more detailed picture of their beliefs - or there is a shorter printable copy that can be handed out. For more details please read the Information Document I have attached.


The project has been approved by the Biology Ethics Committee. Responses will be completely anonymous. Feel free to contact me form more information here or send an email to


Your engagement would be really appreciated.


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