Increasing STEM profile

 Please how would you build up a big STEM profile across a school , culminating into an elaborate engaging STEM week.... ( restrained budget of course)

Strategy and practical ideas required..

First post and Thank you!



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If you are on Twitter, or thinking of joining, have a look at #STEMeducation for some ideas of what others are doing to raise awareness.  Also have a look at @Stemettes and @STEMclubs

It might also be worth putting out your question on Twitter or similar groups on Facebook or LinkedIn.

The Gatsby career benchmarks are probably a good starting point for a cross school approach.  See Gemma Taylor's BLOGs etc on this (STEM Learning's) site. 

Finally lot's of schools are using Enthuse Partnerships programme to develope STEM awareness and action as a whole school and across a group of schools initiative.  take a look  here   

Hope that helps


Wondering the same thing. I have just been appointed as a science teacher but with whole school responsibility for STEM. Not sure if im on the right track but im trying to break it down into two parts the first part curriculum and the second part enrichment.

Below is my plan, sharing is caring.

My first bit what i would like to try and do is over the course of a year or so (probably a year) work with members from the other departments to design some teaching units which are all linked together, so the science compliments the maths which can also be used for technology in particular art, wood and food. Which we could then trial. Im hoping by getting staff involved in designing them they will take ownership and buy into trying something different this will allow time to plan them trial and evaluate. Im only aiming at KS3 leaving the traditional model for KS4. I know not all KS3 would be suitable for this so intend only to produce some units in this way which again would provide variety to students and skills to achieve higher in other lessons


Enrichment wise

1. I want to find out what is already offered so i dont tread on peoples toes and crush creativity.

2. I want to start a STEM club but i would like to tip it on its head and instead of one person im going to try and get people from different departments to use their skills. To do one session a month. To avoid onerous planning i was going to start with the practical action science activities which lend themselves to STEM and each on has a challange. This again is aimed at trying to get the staff to buy in and see resfults. 

3. For STEM week im going to try and apply for the BSA grant, tescos and the coop. Im hoping to use year 7 who in normal lesson time are going to be completing taylor made STEM activities based on the bronze or discovery crest award. The idea being that staff can see how a stem approach can be adopted in lessons with all the work culimating to a completed project and competition at the end of the time. Yet again this is also the opportunity to see how having that layered approach with focussed teaching can improve student performance.

Hello Rob,

I appreciate your sharing indeed!. 

I wanted to acknowledge this and thank you!.

I am currently looking at BSA as well, and activities geared towards Crest awards, there are so many resources available to sift through and get ideal ones.

There is a FutureLearn (online course) free resource on STEM that can help.

Since it is a school wide initiative, would it be worthwhile getting the crucial SLT and colleagues buy in via an interactive CPD session too. A planned KS3/KS4 STEM activity for members of staff.

I am still working on other aspects of the proposal and will also share asap!.

It will be great to keep in touch and swap ideas..

Again, , massive thanks!!!


Thats what im hoping to do

Gemma Taylor

Hi Rob, thanks for sharing. I've had a few ideas to add into your mix:

For 2. why not focus on STEM careers to start with, as this would likely have less impact on curriculum planning. In your whole school STEM role, you could work with each department to look at how STEM careers are represented, maybe leading to a themed week (I.e Tomorrow's Engineers week in November, British Science week in March). 

There are loads of posters, flyers, videos and ideas for STEM careers on: 

For 3. a nice way to save planning time might be to take a look at the engineering resources here: There are engineeering activities linked to each STEM subject, you'll find the ace Practical Action stuff there too!

Good luck!



Thank you im going to steal boths those ideas and totally take all the credit for being awesome. Ok im stealing them  but wont take the credit.


Used the practical action ones before for science week my plan was to rework one of them as i know they are fairly solid.