Data logging equipment usually sits unused in a cupboard in the preproom

Whilst visiting schools this week, I was reminded that many science departments have data logging equipment sitting on shelfves or locked in cupboards - and it seems that the least use is taking palce within chemistry based lessons.

Is this correct? What is the availability and use of data logging equipment like in your department?

If equipment is not being used, why is this?

Is it that data logging is now old hat, with iPads and mobile technology replacing it? Or is there a need to share examples of experiments and investigations which benefit from the use of data logging equipment? 

Let me know what you think...and if you make use of data logging equipment in chemistry, share your ideas.

If you have equipment that is not being used, would you be interested in getting your pupils to collaborate with others across the country to conduct a series of research activities? If so, let me know.


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Jayashree Sahoo

Dear Julian,

Our school has been using dataloggers from Data Harvest. We have Temperature,  Carbon dioxide, Light gate, Oxygen sensors.Data logging is  a major part of practical in our school. Data Harvest was good with Window. Our school has opted MAC and now we are looking for data loggers that can work with MAC. We have few GLX dataloggers from PASCO in Physics.


Julian Clarke

Thank you Jayashree.

Is anybody else datalogging with Macs and if so, what equipment are you using? What would you recommend to Jayashree?

All the best,



Christopher B


My experience is that there is not enough knowhow and they can still be a bit temperamental; so labtechs and teachers shy away.

In chemistry we do the recording of pH when acid is dripped into alkali from burette and we do temperature probe for stearic acid and solid/solid endothermic reaction.  They are great but it does need a labtech/teacher with lots of time and a bit of knowhow.



Gordon Watson

I have been datalogging with a Mac for many years and I can highly recommend the Pasco range of sensors, The pH sensor, for example, has been the most stable, most reliable and most consistent pH probe I have ever used in a school - better than any 'stand alone' probe.

We have also had great use out of the colorimeter for Reaction Kinetics Investigations,

Pasco is more expensive than other makes but has proven to be excellent value for money in the long term Being american in origin, it is also Mac compatible from day one rather than being an 'add-on' to a PC version.