Assessing the costs of good practice in practical science

We are keen to meet heads of science/technicians budgetary responsibility/school bursars to take part in a workshop to support research which aims to:

  • Help school science departments, head teachers and bursars budget for practical science in a way that will help to maximise the quality and value of practical science; and

  • Enable policy makers to understand the case for more effective investment in practical science.

If you are interested in taking part in this workshop, please see the attached document for more information.   £100.00 is available for teachers/technicians who attend the workshop.  Reasonable travel expenses will be paid, and the workshop will last approximately 2 hours.  To book your place please email  by 20th January


Workshop 1: York

Workshop 2: London


National STEM Learning Centre
University of York

York, YO10 5DD

STEM Learning Centre

5th Floor, Woolgate Exchange

25 Basinghall Street

London, EC2V 5HA


11:00-13:00 Monday 23rd January.

10:00-12:00 on Wednesday 1st February;


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Hi, I think what you are doing here it is great and increadibly neccessary with the ever shrinking budgets. However, I think it is crucial to include Science Technicians in on this. From my experience it is always the Senior Science Technician that manages the whole budget given to the science department and have the best understanding of costs regaring equipment, chemicals, H&S, subscriptions etc. and do the best they can with what they are given.


Karen Hornby

Hi Nikky

Sorry for the mistake.  If you are interested in this the workshop organisers are happy for you to contact them to attend.


Thank you, I would be interested but unfortunately I wont be able to get away from work for it.

Richard in Reading

I agree with the first comment. As a non-senior technician in a small secondary school, I do all the ordering, subscriptions, budget control and product research. The HoD just signs off the paperwork and carries responsibility for the budget being used sensibly.

Karen Hornby

£100.00 is now available for teachers/technicians who attend this workshop.