One million miles

As the summer break fades into memory, far did you travel this year?

In the Core Maths resource ‘One million miles’ an airline offers Gold membership to anyone who has flown with them for over one million base miles.

It suggests the following questions:

  • How many times round the world is that?
  • What exactly does ‘1 million base miles flown’ mean?
  • How many journeys might that have been?
  • How many years might it have taken to amass this many
    air miles?
  • How long has been spent in the air?
  • How many actual miles have the planes flown?
  • How many years/months/weeks does it take a pilot to fly
    1,000,000 miles?
  • How many flight delays might have been experienced?
  • What is the total cost of the tickets?

You can find the resource here.


Age16-19, FE/HE
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