New to teaching A level summer school

The highly acclaimed "New to Teaching A level Maths Summer School" is now open for booking.

If you are training to be a teacher and want to teach A level next year then this is the course for you.

If you have been teaching for a couple of years and are teaching the new A level from September, then this is the course for you.

If you are an experienced 11-16 maths teacher and are about to start teaching A level, get the idea.

The course, run in conjunction with MEI and the University of Sheffield, concentrates on how to teach a wide range of topics. You will be expected to be comfortable with the level of maths required at A level ans may wish to brush up on a few areas before you arrive.

Find out what Alex Cameron, one of last year's participants, thought of the experience here.

The course lasts for 4 days, takes place at the end of August and the cost covers all tuition, accommodation and meals.

The cost is £1200 BUT if you teach in a state funded school you get all of this for just £240. Find out how by clicking here.



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