Fitting numbers- the ladder game

In this take on a classic resource, an Excel spreadsheet is used to generate a series of integers. Students have to place these numbers in ascending order on a 'ladder' as they are generated. The task aims for students to:

  • make decisions based on probability theory
  • list outcomes by developing a systematic method
  • explore the use of sample spaces
  • consider single variable measures of central tendency and spread (optional)

Numbers can be generated on of three ways; randomly from 1-20, by addition of two randomly generated digits, or my multiplication of two randomly generated digits.

The task was developed by Tom Rainbow at Ivybridge Community School and can be found in our Core Maths resource collection.

Taking place in in July 2019, you may also be interested in our residential, bursary supported CPD 'An introduction to core maths' running at the National STEM Learning Centre:

More details and book here


Age16-19, FE/HE
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