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Following the closure of the Core Maths Support Programme this summer, the complete collection of materials produced by the Core Maths Support Programme can now be found on the STEM Learning site. This Department for Education funded programme ran from 2014 – 2017 and was managed by Education Development Trust. The Core Maths Support Programme encouraged and engaged young people with mathematics, and STEM Learning will ensure that the materials will continue to be available through our site.

The complete suite of materials can be found here:

Core Maths is the name given to a suite of level 3 mathematics qualifications for students who have passed GCSE Mathematics at grade 4 or above, but are not taking A level mathematics. The qualification requires students to do meaningful mathematics in real-life contexts, ensuring they are equipped for the mathematical demands of other post-16 courses, higher education and employment.

If you are a teacher of Core Maths, teaching materials can be found here:

The Core Maths qualification will continue to exist, as part of the Government’s plan to increase participation and raise standards in mathematics education for post-16 students. By 2020, the aim is for the majority of all students in post-16 education to continue to study some form of mathematics: either GCSE, A level or the Core Maths qualifications.

If you require more information on Core Maths, our ‘research and evidence’ collection allows you to read first-hand accounts from schools experienced in teaching Core Maths, to view Core Maths endorsements from universities, employers and more plus see the impact of Core Maths study. The Core Maths: research and evidence collection can be found here:

In July 2017 Professor Sir Adrian Smith’s review of post-16 mathematics stated “[Core Maths qualifications] enable students to think mathematically and to apply mathematical techniques with confidence to a variety of unfamiliar situations.” It recommends “In the medium term (5 years), strong provision should become established across all mathematics pathways, with core maths becoming widely available for students who can benefit and appropriate mathematics courses in place for technical routes. The review can be found here:

You can read the letter from Nick Gibb MP and Jo Johnson MP that launched the Core Maths qualifications here:

In addition, an interview with Professor Paul Glaister, Chair of the Joint Mathematical Council of the UK, on Core Maths can be found here:

Whether you are a student, parent or carer, teacher, employer or university, our site contains all the information you need about the Core Maths qualifications.


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