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setting up code club

Hello everyone,

I am the Children's Librarian for the City of London libraries.  We are trying to set up a code club at our Artizan Street Library, which is just down the road from Aldgate Underground station.   So far we haven't had any luck finding volunteers to run our club.  We have been working our way down the list of volunteers available on the Code Club UK website but so far.


Subject(s)Careers, Computing, Computer Systems, Creating Media
Age4-5, 14-16
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Hi there, Trust you are doing well!

Could you please elucidate your exact requirements, then maybe volunteers can relate to it and come forward. I am also from the development background, and maybe able to assist.




Paul Sutton


Code club is a network of clubs for 9 - 13 year olds,  so code club gives access to a wide range of materials provided by code club,  so starting with Scratch,  tben moving on to html /css or python depending on the interests of the people taking part. 

I am in Torbay so now running code club remotely and having real problems with lack of engatgement,   there are resources on the code club website posters, letters to try and attract volunteers, 

You could try running things remotely as here in Torbay we are not even able to use our IT suite yet.  people may be reluctant to come forward due to the current situation,  

I have set up  a scratch studio and made this invite only so attendees need to give their user name so they can be invited in.   They can then complete activities at home and share which is only helpful to those with the hardware,  so not an idea solution but yu then build up  a knolwedge base so if you start a physical club they can perhaps help others.

Hope this helps



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