Which GCSE Computing course is best for an SEN school?

I'm teaching at a small SEN school with pupils who are working with mix of social/emotional and learning issues. We would like to offer them the opportunity to try a GCSE course from September 2018.

I'd really appreciate hearing other  peoples' views on which of the current GCSE Computing courses they think would be most accessible to students in the grade 2-4 ability range? 

We have begun teaching Python at a basic level in Key Stage 3 and bought a handful of Raspberry Pi's to get some physical computing going. The KS3 are also learning to code with the Code Academy Express Course or the less taxing Course D option.





Age11-14, 14-16, 16-19
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I also teach in an SEN school. I have introduced TLM INGOTS and all of the current Year 10s are completing the Level 1/2 course, without the exam option. The course runs from Entry Level to Level 2 and there are lots of units to chose from. I gave my students the option of chosing the units to complete via Google Forms.

I met with the examiner in the Easter holidays to review our work, and ensure that I am doing the course correctly. It is great for SEN as they do not have to provide written evidence if they are not able to, they can provide video evidence or a sound recording to support their work. The exam board are really flexible to meet our students needs. I have asked them to take evidence from one unit to support a requirement of another unit (hope that makes sense). 

We are currently finishing Unit 2 websites. Students get certificates for each unit completed and a certificate at the end, providing they complete enough points. Moderation is provided throughout the year and the exam board are always able to help.

I know that this course has had some bad press, but for our students, it is the best option. 


I also teach at an SEN school. We currently offer ASDAN short course which my small group of post 16 students , however we need to widen the breadth and range of our offer in school so I am really interested in what works in different places. Could I contact you for more information please? Thanks Sam 


I teach at a special school for Autistic students. Our students don't tend to do well in exams. After searching around for a level 1 IT qualification that didnt include an exam we decided to go with Pearson's BTEC. It looks very like the TLM INGOTS which i had never heard of til reading the post in this forum.

Becoming registered as a Pearson centre has taken months and is not yet complete. The range of units to chooose from is good but the actual specifications appear quite open to interpretation.

I would very much like to make contact with any who already delivers this course for their suggestions and comments.


We teach the level 1 Intro to ICT BTEC here at Selby College and it has proved to be quite popular and successful