Raspberry Pi Needs You!

To the exceptional educators of the TCiSS;

My name is Mark Calleja, but I'm known around the place as MrC. I'm working with Raspberry Pi on their new Pioneers project and we're looking to get teachers like yourselves to help us spread the love of project based learning, 21st century skills and the general skills of designing, making, tinkering, hacking and inventing. The competition is simple; create a team (or two, or three!) of up to four students aged 12-16, wait for the competition theme to be announced and then make something awesome that fits the brief. Entry submission is by a YouTube video explaining your students' process, mistakes, ups and downs, and what they learned from the whole experience.  The winners of the first rounds are being treated to a 'Summer Camp'; a day at Google HQ in London with coding, making, technology and prizes! (Travel & accom. bursaries available.)

We're providing support resources for 'Mentors' (that's you guys!) in the form of a Tips'N'Tricks guide, Student Project journals and some sample projects for teams who find the blank canvas a bit dizzying. If you're not up for running another club at your school or using Pioneers as the project for this term; we're organising a few 'Events' around the country in collaboration with some of the makerspaces doing good work with young people, like Makerversity in London and Makespace in Cambridge. The events will run in a two-day hackathon style where you can bring your teams to the workshop to participate and get hands-on with some real prototyping tools, receive the 'workshop wisdom' of experienced makers and meet other young minds of a similar bent in their area.

If this sounds like something you'd be keen on participating in, you can register your interest on the raspberry pi website. If you have any questions, shoot me a message at pioneers@raspberrypi.org 

Thanks, and be in touch!




Subject(s)Computing, Impact of technology, Creative arts and media, Cross curricular, Design and technology, Electronics, programming and control, Design skills, Engineering, Science, Practical work, Outside the classroom, Enquiries and investigations
Age11-14, 14-16


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