After school Computing / Technology Clubs

I'm trying to draw up a number of club type activities hoping to excite students and draw together aspects of Computing and Technology.  The idea being to give an experience of 'physical computing'.  Any thoughts on these proposals?  What do you do successfully?

Year Seven: Crumble - because it can handle motors easily, could interface with feeder primaries.  I may change that to be more like Year Eight depending on how the MICROBIT goes down.

Year Eight: MICROBIT ( edge connectors and moving towards Python)

Year Nine: Arduino/Pi, liaising with Computing

Year Ten: As year nine / or CANSAT.



Subject(s)Computer Networks, Electronics, programming and control, Computing, Design and technology
Age11-14, 14-16
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Crumbles are very easy to use, I have used them in KS2 from years 3 and on. Also using with Year 1 next week!  

What programming language might you be using with microbit? Will this dovetail with the computing curriculum? There are quite a few resources and ideas for this kind of thing on the CAS community. Might be worth cross posting.


In classes we have just started with the scratch like one.  Our plans is to give them a handful of lessons then let them take them home.  One or two are keen to learn Python - but those are already expressing concern that it is not nearly as capable as the Raspberry Pi.

It is only tangentially like Computing.