Example projects - Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)

This thread contains examples of EPQ projects. If you have any from your own school that you would like to share, you can upload them by pressing 'reply' and then 'Add file'.


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Examples of research by children & young people at The Children’s Research Centre (CRC) from the Open University

The CRC was established in 2004 with the aim of enabling children and young people to have a research voice in society and to make valuable contributions to knowledge from their perspectives. The CRC develops and deliver resources to support children and young people to conduct systematic investigations in any area they are interested in.

Follow the link here.

Roger Poland

Wallace Resource Library - WRL
There is now a free wonderful new science resource to help post-16 science, geography and environmental studies teachers and students by providing novel data-sets for the classroom.

WRL is organized under a series of modular topics such as Animal Behaviour, Ecosystems, Ecological Survey Techniques and many others which are especially relevant to teaching.

These data-sets originate directly from Operation Wallacea research sites from around the world and uniquely processed and produced by the actual scientists involved in the research.

A demo version is on-line at http://wallaceresourcelibrary.com

Students can actually get involved in these expeditions and help collect research data - http://www.opwall.com