Scottish Primary Teachers

I would lke to find out how many Scottish primary teachers there are using this site and how you get on with it.  I have been struggling with everything being matched to the English curriculum despite the STEM centre being national!  I am able to make use of the resources and adapt these to my needs but York is a wee bit too far away for attending courses.



Subject(s)Careers, Computing, Creating Media, Design & Development, Computer Networks, Impact of technology, Algorithmic Thinking, Data & Information, Creative arts and media, Cross curricular, Design and technology, Electronics, programming and control, Food Technology, Design skills, Textiles and Fashion, Engineering, Food Preparation and Nutrition, Food preparation, Food, nutrition and health, Food science, Food safety, Food choice, Food provenance, Health and safety, Leadership, Mathematics, Personal development, Psychology, Science, Biology, Physics, Working scientifically, Earth science, Practical work, Outside the classroom, Techniques and procedures, Enquiries and investigations, Demonstrations, Chemistry
Age5-7, 7-11
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Mrs Le Blond

Hi, I am also a primary colleague from Scotland. I know what you are saying, I too have seen some super CPD opportunities but they are a little far away. I can also see the difficulty though, in trying to cater for everyone's needs. The good thing is that SSERC provides Scottish teachers with many valuable STEM based CPD opportunities. It is always lovely to be able to see the ideas and resources from STEM Central- keep them coming!