Learning ladders

My school (Yr 1-Yr 6) is about to start setting up Learning Ladders. My specific interest is the Science ones. Does anybody have any experience in this area? Thanks for any input!



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I dont have any experience in writing learning ladders for primary but have an interest in the progression of science through all key stages.  Would be interested in your findings and would be happy to discuss this with you as a progression idea to move it into KS3 and KS4.






It's very much  work in progress at the moment but I'll get back to you at some stage Mike. What we already do is work with the Year 7 teachers on Fair Testing so that we have a consistent approach from yr 5, y6 and y7. The children, with their class teacher go to the secondary labs and do a fair test, We then use the test proforma back in Primary to firstly do a guided test where the teacher models how to plan/do a fair test. The children then design/do their own fair tests. Everbody really likes it as their is a good balance of structure and independence.

Nicky Waller

Hi have you seen the working scientifically progression document from CIEC? It is worth a look to have a clear idea of the progression (that might easily transfer into a ladder format) in enquiry skills from EYFS to KS3. Here is the link: http://www.ciec.org.uk/pdfs/primary/working-scientifically.pdf


Thanks Nicky - I'll check it out.





I have written our school's learnign ladders for working scientifically. I am happy to support you and show you what I have done.

You can drop me an email at




Hi there Peri,

I hope you don't mind - but I saw your comment about science learning ladders and wondered if you would mind letting me have a look at what you have done? I'm about to start some work on science progression pathways and would really appreciate seeing what others have done. I work in Scotland so we are bound by Curriculum for Excellence and the new benchmarks however, I imagine that the general science skills/experiences taught in England/Scotland will be much the same!




I use the key statements from the curriculum translated into kid friendly language and sprinkle in a few working scientifically concepts.

I only cover years 5 and 6  bur happy to share if you need them