Fun science demonstrations

Watching the Glastonbury Festival at the weekend brought back many memories of festival going in my long past student days. Patchwork trousers, falafel stands, lava lamps and all things alternative-or so I thought back in the day! Now who could resist making a lava lamp in class? Create ‘art on a plate’, inflate a ‘freaky hand’ or make bouncy custard.
These demonstrations  are part of a series of short videos produced by the Royal Society of Chemistry for use in the primary classroom. Linked to topic areas within materials and their properties, they are designed to engage children and provoke curiosity.  They also could work really well as part of a science day or in a STEM or science club.
Have you tried any of these in class or do you have other interesting demonstrations to share? Let other teachers know by replying to this post with your ideas or comments.


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