Data Loggers

Can anyone recommend a good data logger for use in primary school?  We are looking to get one (or a set) which I imagine would be used mainly in KS2, but potentially could also be used in KS1.  We have trolleys of laptops and iPads in school, so it would be good if we could find something compatible with both.

Any comments or reviews on brands that you have tried would be very helpful.  Thanks!


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Nicky Waller

Hi, I would recommend the Data Harvest Primary Dataloggers - they are so easy to use - for KS1 and 2.



Hi Nicky, the link didn't work for me.  Did you mean the Vu+ ones here?  They do look good.  I see Helen's recommending them as well below.

Janicehodge (not verified)

We have used Pasco dataloggers - sadly , they go out of date  ( software and firmware) quickly and we a bit unreliable - as a cheap alternative we have bought temperature probes from Amazon (1 celcius £10-15?) which with a free app work on the ipads to give a temperature readout and continous graph. Great for showing the temperature of ice melting etc.  They are designed for BBQ's so should be able to cope with the heating required.  I use them for insulation experiments, heat transfer, absorbtion of heat in black and white test tubes etc.  You can also download apps such as signal spy or decibel 10th to use in sound - with Decibel 10th you can get an oscilloscope type read out giving you real time responses to frequency and amplitute and a decibel meter.  If you already have access to ipads - explore your app and probe possibilities!

hfgascoyne (not verified)

Hi, we use LogBox you can get them from TTS.  I use them with KS1 and they find them very accessible.

Jane Banham STE...

I would certainly recommend the Logboxes from TTS as they are suitable for KS1 and KS2 especially as you can set time delays and use them to log information on both temperature, light , sound and even pulse rates .You have the option of using inbuilt loggers in the machine itself or you can attach probes to it too. They can act as an instant recording devise or over time which is of particular relevance when you look at the prograames of study for working scientifically in the new curriculum. for KS2.

If you connect them up to a computer (this is easy using the USB connector  lead which comes with them) you can create a range of graphs and tables of data from them.The new software which goes with the boxes runs well on networks and servers now too.


Helen Spring

I would recommend the DataHarvest Vu dataloggers - I think they will do a training session for you included within the price too.  


Can I ask how you use the data loggers in ks1. Am looking at them but wasn't sure how they fit in the curriculum?

Nicky Waller

Hi, some ideas I have used data loggers with the new curriculum for KS1 are:


Seasonal Change

"Arial","sans-serif"">Looking at levels of light at certain times of the day across the seasons

"Arial","sans-serif"">Looking at how day length varies.

"Arial","sans-serif"">Best material for sunglasses? (it is not safe to look directly at the Sun even when wearing dark glasses).

"Arial","sans-serif""> Y2

Living things and their habitats


Looking at light levels where different plants grow – how plants are suited their habitats / light levels where different animals are found (including micro habitats)

Animals including humans


Importance of exercise – pulse meter attached to datalogger


many thanks x


David Younger

We use EasySense Vu dataloggers.  They are easy to use and have three levels so can be used for KS1 and 2.  The display also offers colour change,pictograms, graphs etc.  It will also overlay multiple logs in different colours.


Jane Banham STE...

We have used the TTS data loggers now for a number of years they  are simple and easy for everyone.With the software which works across a  network as well as on individual computers you can set the dataloggers to do time lapse work , create graphs etc.

They are KS1 friendly but also allow for collecting data over longer periods of time for KS2.


We bought an excellent data logger from Data Harvester.


Thanks for all your replies - they're very useful!

I tried looking for temperature probes to link with our iPads, but they all seem very expensive (~£50).  Has anyone found anything cheaper?

Also, has anyone used the TTS log box with an iPad?  Is this even possible? 



There was a company at BETT  showing data logging between Apple products and the windows platform. Perhaps they would have a good deal? [Sorry- as i've now searched the BETT site I've realised I don't know the company name - they were showing with a model of London bridge and a Barbie and Ken being  monitored as they bungee jumped - perhaps someone else will recognise the stand!!)

Helen Rose


I attended the BETT Conference in January and saw a new datalogger which was amazing. it is called EnsteinMate.  it will be sold by SLS Select Education, near Nottingham, a mainly secondary school science supplier and the price is approx £70 and has 6 internal sensors.

Hope this helpful.



Thanks, those sound interesting, although I can't find them on the SLS website yet.  What were you impressed by with them?

Helen Rose

I had a chat with the sales 'person' last week and informed me that a lot of the software is very much primary based but i think the price and internal sensors are a big plus.

DataHarvest Primary logger Vu is great aswell this has a screen which the EnsteinMate has not but this links to a i-pad, so Dataharvest has the upper hand on that.

Regarding price Dataharvest for 1 logger is £99 although £89 for a pack of five.

They will not on the website as the english distributor havent received them yet.  I am hoping to get one in April to test out.




DataHarvest Primary logger Vu is the best suited for Primary in my view. It is the only one I have seen that is suitable for Reception upwards. You can decide what appears on the screen - pictogram, bars or numbers and whether all the sensor readings show, or just one. This means if you are measuring sound, you can programme the data logger to just show decibels on the screen, which avoids confusion with younger children. The problems with other data loggers has always been that the numbers can be very large for KS1 children and that the readings include decimals, unless the data logger is plugged into the pc. The data loggers mentioned in previous posts are fine for upper KS2 but not for all year groups.