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Hello all,


I'm an amateur CAD user and 3D printer. After providing a few pieces for my daughter's school they've asked me to facilitate a design activity in class where the children:


'Do a design each of either a stone age tool/weapon or a piece of jewellery like a bronze age bone necklace or an iron age/early Celtic brooch/pin type piece'


The idea then being I can print all the designs out afterwards.


I was thinking about using Tinkercad, setting up a classroom session with a lot of different components preloaded into a project file that the children can then manipulate to form their design. It's a KS1 (year 2) class.


Can anyone help me with some resources with pictures of the sort of thing the teacher will want them to end up with?


And can anyone give me some advice on how feasible the idea is and/or if they can recommend better ways of running it, perhaps some better software for the age group or tips how to plan a tinkercad activity for this age group?


I was thinking about preparing a few examples of each category the teacher gave me and guiding the children to choose one and copy it or use it for inspiration. Is this the way to go or should I just let them loose and be available to help?


Any and all advice very much appreciated!!


Best regards




Subject(s)Computing, Design and technology, CAD/CAM, Materials and manufacturing, Practical work, Science
Age4-5, 5-7
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