Hello I am a newly appointed Primary Science coordinator and am at a bit of a loss where to begin  One thing I'd like to do is organise a whole school science week to raise the profile of science. Has anyone done this? Any advice welcome Thank you


Age4-5, 5-7, 7-11
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Helen Spring

PSQM is a fab place to start!!

If doing a science week, there are some fab resources on this website - also see



thank you for your help I will have a look at these tonight 


Hi there


I did one during Science Week this year - totally loved it.

each class had a guest visitor who led a science activity.

had the local astronomy club hold a community evening star gazing

had 8 professionals come in from STEM careers talk to the P4 - 7

had the local college come in and run science activities for the early years

did a home challenge to create a contraption to protect an egg from our top floor window

had a science shop

feel free to pm me for details and advice! s


The above is all good stuff.

I visit a few schools still - as legacy from my formal TPPP involvement. Two of these do a Science Week - including a day when guests (STEM Ambassadors) join in. Theming makes life a bit easier to pick the activities from an otherwise bewildreing set of options. As an example one school did health (make your own toohpaste, identify the teeth, rank swabs from various areas of the school for bacterial contamination, check pulse rate changes with various exercises)... , and athe following year engineering (water rockets, bridges from straw and paper and several others).

The cardinal rule is get the teachers on board - it takes a lot of organising!


Immersive Theatres

Inviting a large mobile digital planetarium to deliver 360° live and immersive film presentations to the entire school over one day is a popular and inexpensive choice


I would recommend the Space Education Quality Mark - it is free, and space is an amazingly engaging topic for children of all ages.  We used it as a theme for our science week (which pretty much ticked all of the criteria for the award).  We had air powered rocket launchers, we investigated space nappies, we grew and shrank marshmallows using air pressure, we replicated lighting rocket fuel, we had the planetarium in from the National Space Centre, we ate astronaut ice cream, we investigated different densities of atmospheres and we had real moon rock samples on loan from the STFC - then had a 1 1/2 hour queue of parents waiting to be photographed with them!  It was incredible.

Ben Smith-Richards

I spoke to the headteacher and went off timetable for the week - we conducted a variety of experiments that weren't all linked to our science topic for the half term. The children loved it!

We also produced a piece of work around a famous scientist linked to our topic, as Ofsted in previous years have looked at whether the children know famous people. This was a great opportunity for cross curricular learning and you can get an assembly out of it! 

Finally, we were fortunate enough to work with Chester Zoo on a whole school project which raised the profile hugely! They're great to work with and came in and did workshops to introduce the project!