Looking for Engineering / STEM activities for the end of term?

I've been asked recently for some suggestions of engineering / STEM activities that can be run as end of term challenges. There are some fantastic challenges that you can run yourself in school, and most need nothing more than basic building materials (card, tape, etc...)

Take a look at our engineering resources page to find tons of challenges and resources, each split by the engineering sector they relate to. We have resources for biomedical engineering, civil engineering, humanitarian engineering and loads more!

My top 5 resources for the summer term:

Stop the Spread, can you design and prototype a way of stopping disease from spreading?

Fixperts, introduce pupils to designing for disability and inclusive design

Slender tower, design a tower with the smallest surface area

Mission to Mars, design and construct a rocket that will transport supplies via Earth orbit to the astronauts on Mars and to build a system to transport the rocket to the launch site on Earth

Little Big futures, research and design a piece of wearable technology for firefighters to wear when working in dangerous situations


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