What is the problem with problem solving?

I was privileged to be invited to attend an excellent session, being held at the Centre, run by a local maths hub, exploring problem solving in mathematics. The session was attended by a group of teachers, from primary and secondary schools, who will act as ambassadors to support other teachers in their locality wishing to develop their students’ problem solving skills.

We thought about what is meant by a problem, what is problem solving, the importance of getting ‘stuck’, solved some problems ourselves and explored some strategies to help develop our own teaching to allow the opportunity for problem solving skills to flourish in the students we teach.

The National STEM Centre eLibrary contains many resources for use in the classroom when developing problem solving skills. I have created the resource package Mathematics: Problem Solving and Investigations.

If you have not yet made contact with your local maths hub, find out more information about maths hubs, and find your local maths hub, on their website www.mathshubs.org.uk


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