Welcome to the new term

Hope you have recharged the batteries and are looking forward to the challenges that await this year. What will the new Year 7s be like? Will they arrive with enhanced skills as a result of the mastery programme experienced in primary school? Have you developed your key stage 3 teaching to cope with this new challenge? Mastering mathematics at key stage 3 may be something you are interested in.

How did your students fare with the new GCSE? Better than expected? Moving forward students will require much greater understanding of mathematics to succeed at GCSE. Consider the Teaching GCSE with Understanding course to develop this area of your teaching.

The new linear A-level comes on stream this term for year 12, whilst year 13 are still studying the old modular scheme. Teaching the new mathematics A-level is designed to bring you up to speed with the new requirements.

These are just three of the many ENTHUSE funded courses available at the National STEM Learning centre in York. Click here for more details of the courses available.


Age11-14, 14-16, 16-19
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