A talk by Andrew Jeffrey – the Mathemagician

What do The Rosetta Stone, Maths and Magic all have in common?

  1. Date: Saturday 25th January 2020
  2. Location: University of Leeds
  3. Venue: MALL 1, School of Mathematics
  4. Meet at: 1:30pm for a 2pm start

A talk by Andrew Jeffrey – the Mathemagician.

The Rosetta Stone changed our understanding of Ancient Egypt completely. But what could it possibly have to do with maths, and specifically how children learn it? Come along and find out! During this talk, Andrew will explain his thinking behind what works, and why. He will also play noughts and crosses, show you an impossible card trick, and even attempt to predict the evening's Lottery Results!

Public visitor parking is available on campus at weekends on a ‘pay on exit’ basis – details can be found at http://carparking.leeds.ac.uk

This is a Yorkshire Branch of the Mathematical Association event (www.ybma.org.uk).  Non-members are welcome.  Please bring the sessions to the attention of your colleagues and friends.  Our meetings are very friendly and include refreshments.  Anyone who would like to be added to the YBMA email list should send their name and email address to a.slomson@leeds.ac.uk.


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