September-Puzzle Corner

I love number puzzles. They always generate interest in class with students sharing their favourites. Each month I will share one of my old favourites, share any exciting new puzzles I come across and link to a mathematics puzzles list in which I will add an extra resource each month.

This months old favourite

Add 1 to the number of the month you were born
Multiply by 100
Add the day of the month you were born
Multiply by 2
Add 11
Multiply by 5
Add 50
Multiply by 10
Add your age
Add 61

Take the result and subtract 11,111 the pairs of digits from the right give the student's age, day of month and the birth month.

I love Numberphile videos. In this video we are asked to add up all the digits of all the numbers from 1 to a million

Click here to link to the Mathematical Puzzles List

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This puzzle will make an interesting talking point at our open evening this evening, thanks



Great,  I shall use it with my students.  Calculators allowed.