Publication of report: A new mathematics GCSE curriculum for post-16 resit students

MEI have  announced the publication of the final report of a project conducted by Mathematics in Education and Industry (MEI), with funding from the Nuffield Foundation, to investigate the feasibility of a new maths GCSE curriculum for post-16 resit students.
The project aimed to address the recommendation of the Smith review that “In view of the low GCSE resit success rates and new GCSE requirements, the Department for Education should review its 16-18 resit policy with the aim that a greater proportion of students without a grade C or equivalent attain appropriate mathematical understanding by age 18. Specifically, there should be fresh consideration of appropriate curricula and qualifications for these students and the extent to which current policy incentivises these to be offered”. 
The project involved MEI working in consultation with key stakeholders to develop a new maths GCSE curriculum with a greater emphasis on applying maths in realistic contexts. A small-scale study was then conducted to assess the suitability of the curriculum as a basis for an alternative to the existing GCSE Mathematics. 
The report can be downloaded from the MEI website


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