Problem solving resources

I've put together a few of my favourite resources to encourage problem solving in my maths lessons:

What are your favourite resources?

Any collection of this kind will never be exhaustive, but if you think I've missed a great resource let us know. If you do have any suggestions, please share in the comments below. Additional ideas and resources can also be found here.

If you would like to explore the importance of reasoning and problem solving for the new mathematics curriculum at key stages three and four, you might be interested in joining us at the National STEM Learning Centre for our residential, bursary funded course Developing mathematical understanding through reasoning and problem solving.



Age11-14, 14-16
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 Adaptaboard Advanced Triple Maths uses the power of a grid and tiles to create pictorial and graphical representations [bars, boxes, squares and grids]. These images link and connect addition and subtraction and multiplication and division in a powerful memory enhancing way. Games and puzzles make maths fun.

Lots of differentiated challenges for Key Stage1/2

The educational range and educational possibilities offered by a grid are endless.