October-Mathematician-Charles Babbage

Charles Babbage died on 18th October 1871. Educated at Cambridge University, Babbage became Lucasian Professor of Mathematics at Cambridge. It was whilst holding this post that Babbage became engrossed in the main passion of his life, the development of mechanical computers.

By 1834 Babbage had completed the first drawings of the analytical engine, which is remarkably similar in logical components to a present day computer. Babbage describes five logical components, the store, the mill, the control, the input and the output. Computers have come a long way since Babbage's time and are used for a variety of purposes Babbage would never have dreamt of.

I read an article in the Guardian newspaper  Should UK children be taught how to code? I was pleased by the amount of support this suggestion received.

In the mathematics classroom we can use computers in a variety of ways. I have made two resources lists Logo  a great way for students to learn a simple coding language and Using Computers to Teach Mathematics.

Have you got any innovative ways of using computers in maths lessons?


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