Maths Careers Poster competition

The latest Maths Careers poster competition deadline is 11th January. Posters should be aimed at showing people how there is a connection between maths and an arts subject such as music, art or dance.

For example your poster could focus on:

  • Maths and art
  • Maths and dance
  • Maths and music
  • Maths and drama or theatre
  • Maths and film
  • Maths and architecture
  • Maths and textiles
  • Maths and sculpture
  • Maths and origami

You could also make a poster about something really specific such as the connection between one particular artist and maths. You can choose a topic which is not on the list.

Poster instructions/criteria:

  • Your poster should focus on the connection between maths and an aspect of the arts.
  • It sounds obvious, but your poster should be a poster – i.e. it doesn’t need to contain lots and lots of words, it needs to be visually eye catching and should give out a strong message.
  • You can draw your poster by hand; use a computer; or a mixture of both.
  • Your poster must be A4 size
  • Paper entries – Please mark your name, school year, and school clearly on the back of your entry. Please do not staple or glue items on to your work as posters are scanned for judging.
  • Online entries – Please ensure that the email address you provide is valid and that you choose the correct year group.

More details, and to enter the competition, click here.


Age11-14, 14-16, 16-19
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