JMC study on the purpose, role and impact of additional mathematics 'extension' papers for university entrance in England

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Recent years have seen the proliferation of use of additional ‘extension’ papers for university mathematics-related courses in England, yet we know little about how they are in fact harnessed, the impact on students who take them – or on those who do not. Although there is widespread recognition of longstanding need for some such papers, and of their developmental role for some students, there are also concerns about equity of access to support, and possible deterrent effects for some groups of students. The Joint Mathematical Council of the U.K. has commissioned a small piece of research around the purpose, role and impact of such papers. As part of that study, there are short questionnaires for interested year 12/13 students and their teachers.

The questionnaire for year 12/13 pre-university mathematics students can be found at:

The questionnaire for teachers of year 12/13 mathematics students can be found at:


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