January - Mathematician- Sir Isaac Newton

Sir Isaac Newton was born on 4th January 1643 at Woolsthorpe in Lincolnshire. He studied at Trinity College, Cambridge where he began studying law and philosophy, his interest in mathematics developing a few years later. On returning to Lincolnshire, Newton developed revolutionary advances in mathematics, physics and astronomy. He returned to Cambridge and was eventually appointed Lucasian Professor. After many advances in mathematics and physics, Newton gave up research and became warden of the Royal Mint, president of the Royal Society and in 1705 became the first scientist to be knighted in recognition of their work.

I have created this list, Newton's Laws of Motion, from the National STEM Centre eLibrary.


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it is interesting that you have chosen to use the New Style calendar for Newton's birth.  I am assuming you are more of a mathematician than a scientist as the scientist is very happy to announce to their classes during the year that Newton's birhday is to be declared a public holiday.  In the Old Style calendar which was in use at the time (and until 1752) Newton was born on Christmas day, 25 Dec 1642.

Ian Galloway