It must be time for .....Chrismaths!

FINALLY a one stop 'Chrismaths' ideas shop:

Mark Greenaway has

'pulled together stuff I have and placed it on a new page on the web:       '

He has also asked for other ideas to be sent and shared if we have them....

I hope that he doesn't mind me sharing that here as I always used to waste the first week in December hunting for the safe place I saved the folder of Chrismaths ideas. Now this elibrary and group regularly saves me time hunting for other ideas and resources; I thought it only fair to share the above web address too.




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Steve Lyon

Thank you for your post.

The last week of term before Christmas is an exciting time for all kinds of reasons. I always enjoyed the email that said we could not watch videos and had to continue with lessons. This wasn't a lack of Christmas spirit, I just relished the opportunity to do something different rather than watch the first half of yet another children's video.

Attached to this post are the rules for snowman beetle and fives and threes, together with a festive coordinate picture activity sheet.

This list of Christmas Activities on the National STEM Centre eLibrary will hopefully provide some inspiration for some exciting Christmas themed mathematics lessons.

You may also find useful these Advent Calendars from Nrich and from Numberphile.

Please share any Christmas Ideas of your own by replying to this post.