Introducing the Line Zone: IMA Online STEM engagement for Students, Teachers and Mathematicians

I’m a Mathematician: Line Zone is a free to enter online STEM engagement activity for school students, supported by the Institute of Mathematics

For Students

Students can

  • Read profiles of real-life mathematicians from a range of backgrounds,
  • Ask their own questions to our mathematicians about their research, hobbies, careers and more,
  • Chat with mathematicians through safe, moderated, online text-based chats, and...
  • Vote for their favourite mathematician to win £500 for further engagement!

The Line Zone is there when you need it: Students can log in from anywhere at any time while the Zone is open to read profiles and ask questions, and you can book a chat at a time that works for you and your class.

Teachers - Register now to connect your students with working Mathematicians:

For Mathematicians

Mathematicians can

  • Chat with students and teachers using a simple messaging platform
  • Answer their questions about working in mathematics
  • Compete for their votes to win £500 for your engagement projects

Taking part in I’m a Mathematician, Get me out of here is an easy and accessible way to:

  • Improve your communication skills,
  • Enjoy engaging with the public - even during an ever-shifting global pandemic,
  • Think about your work from a fresh perspective,
  • Help young people from a range of backgrounds see maths as something for them.

“There was just as much a benefit for me as for the students. The chats were just what I needed to lift my spirits and get excited about my work!” -- Elena Maters, Scientist

Mathematicians - Register now to take part at:

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