GAIM Activities: Practical Problems

The GAIM materials (Graded Assessment in Mathematics) have inspired many maths teachers in their lifetime- including the Applying Mathematical Processes (AMP) materials from the Nuffield Foundation- and the complete collection can be found on the STEM website.

The Practical Problems are often quite immediate, but come with up to ten pages of teacher guidance, sample student work and tips for assessment.

You can find a link to the complete set of GAIM materials below.

Let’s take a look at some of the lesson ideas included in the resource...

Cemetery maths

In this activity, students can visit a local grave yard or cemetery in order to collect data so they can test a hypothesis posed by themselves.


Every second counts

Students are to determine how far away they could travel in one hour.

Beach guesthouse

Here, students act as receptionists, taking bookings for a small guesthouse. They have to keep track of the bookings that they have made and arrange and – as far as possible – give people the type of rooms they ask for.

Fashion Workshop

Students are asked to allocate tasks for tomorrow's work to the six people who work in a fashion workshop by filling in the 'job sheet'.

All forty Practical Problems, and the teacher guidance can be found in the links below.

GAIM Activities- Practical Problems


All GAIM materials


Nuffield Applying Mathematical Processes (AMP)


Age11-14, 14-16, FE/HE
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