Events and Course Information

Have you seen the National STEM Centre events page on the website? Here you can find information about a great range of courses and events. For example, the Royal Statistics Society are holding a free statistics CPD session on the 4th Feb and STEM ambassadors are holding a teacher networking session on the 7th Feb. For further information see the events page.

The National STEM Centre website also has its own Mathematics Professional Development page where information can be found about four mathematics events taking place at the National STEM Centre in 2013.

• The New and Aspiring Leaders of Mathematics in secondary schools course takes place  9th to 11th  May 2013 and 12th to 13th September 2013
• The Primary mathematics conference on the 13th June 2013
• The Secondary mathematics conference on the 21st June 2013
• Teachers new to teaching A level mathematics residential week on the 19th to 23rd August 2013

For further details see the Mathematics page


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