Active A level Maths by Susan Wall

One of my favourite KS5 resources is ‘Active A level Maths’, a collection of ideas from Susan Wall for use in the A-level mathematics classroom. The activities are written in a manner designed to engage student participation, promote discussion and enhance understanding.

Each activity is accompanied by teacher notes suggesting how the task should be approached. The tasks are designed to be an integral part of the learning process allowing students to experience the joy of mathematical discovery for themselves.

As well as being great activities to hit the ground running with year 12 in September, they are great when introducing new content or recapping student understanding at the end of a topic. As the materials are usually quite engaging, and can often require minimum teacher input, they could also be considered when bridging the gap as students transition between GCSE and A level mathematics over the summer holiday.

A typical example is the ‘Sometimes, Always, Never’ tasks as seen below. Unsurprisingly, the type of tasks that are successful in promoting student discussion in lower school also work at A level!

The resources are split by topic, with the ‘surds and indices’ resources being a particular go-to resource of mine. It includes ten problems that can be used in a number of ways- always requiring students to think, explore, explain and justify their conclusions.

The complete ‘Active A level’ collection can be found below, as well as a link to all of our favourite A level resources available on the STEM site, arranged by topic.

Active A-Level Mathematics

A level mathematics resources landing page


Age16-19, FE/HE
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