Movement and Exercise

In this topic are resources to help you teach aspects of Triple Science Biology that cover content around movement and exercise. These include but are not limited to the following areas.

Muscular and Skeletal System

Exercise, body measurements and injury

Please add your own resources or comment on what is there.


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James de Winter

Collected here are some of the resources produced by advisors, teachers and consultants for the previous triple science support program (courses pre 2011). Whilst there may have been some changes to the specifications since then we felt that these were well worth sharing here.

James de Winter

I see this more as an added extra to 'feed' those who are really keen and point them towards what might happen post 16 rather than core TS content, however there are some great resources from the Wellcome Trust on Exercise, Energy and Movement that I'd be keen for TS teachers to know about and dip into if needed or just to inform what they are doing. The Exercise, Energy and Movement downloads are all over HERE and well worth the 3 minutes it wil take to click, download, scan read and realise I am right.

James de Winter

Muscle and Motion: A friend sent me a link to this recently, I tend not to want to promote anything that isn't free but it looks like that there is a free trial available and an offer for instructors/teachers to get free copies of this software. It goes well beyond what is needed for the triple science modules however it looks clear and well produced and could be a useful and engaging resource. If you have a play then please add a comment and let me (and everyone else)  know what you think

James de Winter

Perhaps only on the fringes of what is directly in the topic but a nice simulation from the PhET site (maily physics) has a nice exercise/diet simulation where you need to control the variou sfactors - perhaps a nice way to kick of fthis topic with some light revision that doesn't feel like it (or too painful). PhET eating and exercise


Muscle and Motion: A companion sent me a connection to this as of late, I tend not to need to advance anything that isn't free however it would seem that that there is a free trial accessible and an offer for educators/instructors to get free duplicates of this product.  Dissertation Help UK it goes well past what is required for the triple science modules anyway it looks clear and all around delivered and could be a helpful and connecting with asset. In the event that you have a play then please include a remark and let me (and every other person) comprehend what you think


The best exercises, from an advantageous perspective, are ones that include isotonic constrictions, both offbeat and concentric on the grounds that these are the most regular for our bodies. These activities will put the synovial joints through an assortment of developments that will enable them to keep their synovial liquid streaming. According to essay help  | static exercises, similar to isometric compressions where the muscles don't change length are utilized for building quality, however, they do as such to the detriment of openly streaming synovial liquid. A decent exercise routine ought to incorporate both isotonic and isometric exercises, including extends prior and then afterward.