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The National Centre for Excellence in Teaching Mathematics (NCETM) held its first online seminar about Calculation last night.  The online seminars are synchronous – all those attending (and there is a waiting list for these now), log on at a certain time and then we can have live discussions, share presentations, move into small group discussions in online breakout rooms and such like.

You can find out more about this and signup to future seminars from the NCETM web site at:

Did those who attended this find it useful?


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Thanks for this - I needed an additional item for our team meeting next Monday as well.

We are also having a Further maths support group at CWA on Monday 12 and look to supporting more networks in the region.


Dave Martin

Good ICT maths resources to be found at:

Go into the view documents part.



Hi all

Is there a plan to repeat the online seminar on Calculation? - teaching calculation is a big issue with maths teachers in FE - we are often trying to adress longstanding misconceptions about calculation with learners at all levels. We were talking about this at the North West Mathematics Network yesterday. One of things we plan to do at the next network is look at the resources from the NCETM Microsite linked to the online discussion. The microsite is "Teaching Calculation: A guide to some key resources "