Gender in Engineering

Stylli Charalampous is coming up to North Lindsey next Monday to talk about Gender in relation to Engineering.  It is a morning workshop and there is room for additional people.  If you fancy coming, please contact and I will send you all the details.

Also we are visiting Hitec Electronic Products on Tuesday 13 December.  Hitec are a small innovative business who, amongst other things, make products from STEALTH materials.  Facinating place.  Good for physics and engineering staff.  Again contact me if you want more information. (

Is anyone else trying to get CPD to work on employers premises?  Are you having any luck?  Good feedback?


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Hi Ken,
We had Women into Engineering CPD Events in the last phase which went really well. Found a useful resource on the eLibrary entitled Getting Girls into Engineering, this may be useful for your CPD event.

Tim Sorensen

Hi Ken

This is very timely for us in the South East and hoping to cover this important agenda in the New Year. I remember the WISE bus visiting schools some years ago and keen to support and promote girls progression into FE and beyond. Thanks also Jon for flagging up the resouce on the eLibrary - could be useful for us too and exploring other opportunities.




Hi Ken

Janet Ruffoni is holding the East Midlands STEM Conference in Leicester (at the National Space Centre) on 29th February. One of the afternoon workshops will be ‘Girls into STEM’ and Tricia Goodhill from  Northampton University (who has also won awards for this!)will  doing a presentation on running successful events to engage girls. I willld you be there as well to share the experiences and successes of the Getting Girls into Engineering Project and last year's North West STEM Women into STEM Network at Jaguar Landrover.