What is the difference between Open, General and Closed groups?

The community area has several different types of groups to serve different purposes.

All members of the community are automatically members of 'General' groups such as this one.

Any member of the community may choose to join an 'Open' group.

Membership of 'Closed' groups is monitored by the group leader(s) - send them a request if you would like to join a Closed group, but please note the groups may be Closed for a particular reason or period of time, and membership may not be possible.

There are also 'Private' groups within the community. These are set up for very specific purposes, for example, to gather feedback on new curriculum materials. Only members of Private groups will see these groups on their dashboard.

Further details on group types are available in the Help section.


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Jenifer Burden

Yes, your group support link will be happy to do this.