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Hello, I hope this is not a totally abhorrent incursion into this forum, but I’m a little lost with things and wanted to throw it out there just to see if anyone had any ideas.  I’ve been a professional computer programmer for ever, but have reached a point in my life where bashing keyboards for my own ends is no longer fun or meaningful, and neither is the on-going accumulation of all my worldly belongings (we're all just flies on a tablecloth don't you know?).  I’d like to do something for the next generation.  I’m thinking along the lines of buying a huge pile of computer junk from E-Bay, and working with a bunch of enthusiastic kids to turn it into a spaceship simulator... or something.

Just don’t know how I would begin to go about this.  The single biggest problem is finding a venue with the requisite capacity and the security of a Scottish castle... well, I suppose a Scottish castle would fit the bill!  Joking aside, does anybody have an idea of an organization that would be interested in working with me on this?  Or maybe someone knows a better forum where this might be more productively discussed?





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2Toucan (not verified)

That sounds like such a fantastic idea. I really wish I could suggest something or someone to take you up on that and run with it. Let me know if Western Australia is on your radar!

How about somewhere bigtime like the Science Museum, The National Museum of Wales or one of the Universities? I'd really like to know if you come up with something. Those of us in education are usually craving someone from 'industry' to come and join us.

All the best

Jane Morrow


Western Australia


Where about are you Robert? We had an after school club last year, where children had to put a computer together from a pile of parts- and they loved it! So your idea sounds amazing!!! So if you are anywhere near the Midlands- get intouch!