French GCSE equivalent

Does anyone know where I could get a French science syllabus translated?  We have a French student that has started in year 11 this year and is hoping to sit GCSE separate sciences at the end of the year and I need to know what topics she has already covered.  She has brought with her a copy of the syllabus for the French equivalent of GCSE's that she sat last year but due to the technical content in it our languages teachers are struggling to translate some of it.  Any ideas as to where I could get it translated or if this will have already been done anywhere?


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How about saving the file as an Adobe Reader file and have the software read it back in French?


or English of Course!

pbrowning (not verified)

If the French document exists on the web then Google translate might help.


we have a french scientist working here.. she is fluent in English .. I could ask her nicely!