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I'd like you tell you about the Polar Celebration event available for Year 2 schools and any Year 1 that didn't make it to the last one.  We are running two this year, one in York on the 24 January 2019 at the National STEM Learning Centre in York and one on the 25 January 2019 in London at the Wellcome Trust.  Schools can book onto their nearest event here (Note this is ONLY for schools who were involved with a Polar Ambassador in Year 2 and those from Year 1 who couldn't make the previous event):

(If you are unsure if you are eligible please contact

Here is a brief breakdown of what will be happening at the events:

Jenny Davis ( – Polar Ambassador and currently attempting Solo to the South Pole (can be tracked on her website and your pupils can ask her questions now!).  Hoping to beat the current women’s speed record of 38 days, 23 hours and 5 minutes.  Jenny will be fresh from her adventure to speak to those in attendance and also you can have the opportunity to speak to Jenny about getting her to come to your school on her national tour.  An amazing opportunity to meet a potential World Record Breaker and inspiration to all young people.

Jamie Buchanan-Dunlop (Digital Explorer) – Jamie will talk about his experiences of working in Antarctica and also bringing that knowledge back to create resources for students and community groups via Digital Explorer and the Polar Explorer Programme.  He will talk about using resources and future events so the legacy of the programme can live on.

STEM Learning (Adam Little/Sarah Dagnell/Ben Dunn) – Our education team will look at some activities with those in attendance and how to maximise the impact on your students.  They will also look at the successes of the previous year and provide impact that you can take back to school.  They will also be showing you how to utilise resources to aid transition from primary to secondary and how you can take this forward when you get back to school.

We also want schools to showcase what they did and celebrate the excellent work undertaken.  Each school will be asked to bring a poster to show what they have done, and share this with each other so you can share good practice and take back ideas from other schools back to your school.  This is a great opportunity to put your school on the national stage and showcase to the funders what excellent work goes on in your schools.

For schools in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales we realise these venues are mostly suitable for schools in England but we can provide expenses up to £100.


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