School reporting tools

Welcome to all our new schools! Your Polar Ambassador will have been in contact with you by now and arranged your first meeting and delivery of your Polar Explorer starter box. If they havent then please contact us at

As part of the programme you will be asked to provide some information on your school both at the start and and at the end of the programme. We've developed some tools for you to use for this, which have been designed so that you can see for yourselves how things have progressed throughout the coming year, and these can be a useful reference point for your school.  Your Polar Ambassador will take you through these tools which are attached here for your reference.

Your Polar Ambassador will also work with you to put together an action plan for your year of support. This action plan needs to be submitted to us using an online survey, which you can find here: The deadline for submission of action plans is the 15 November.

You are also invited to apply for a Polar Explorer Grant award of £1000 to support the improvement of transition in STEM between Primary and Secondary schools. Your Polar Ambassador will talk you through this and I will shortly add a post to this group with guidance documents, for your reference. If you are interested in applying for an award you are asked to submit a brief expression of interest by 15 November using the online survey which you can find here:

If you have any questions then please contact your polar ambassador direct, or email

Let's start exploring!



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Joss Spittle


Will there be a different Pupil Questionnaire for right at the end of the project? The initial questionnaire talks about upcoming activities and the Post Activity Questionnaire is for after each individual activity.



Dianne Watson

Hi Joss

I think I've replied to an email from you on this, but to clarify for the other PAs:

The two reporting tools capture teacher and pupil data at the start and the end of the programme and provide an overview for the schools so they can see improvement/progress

The end of programme data should therefore be entered on to the same form as the pre-programme data.

The before and after each activity questionaires are for the teachers to use so that they can keep track of what works well during the programme, and what engages their pupils most. We dont need to see copies of these, but they are useful to inform responses to the end of programme forms, and impact reports.

Hope that makes sense!