Antarctic Expedition Opportunities!


A quick message to say one of our Polar Ambassadors, Jenny Davis is going SOLO TO THE SOUTH POLE, unsupported and unassisted pulling a 60kg pulk with food, tent and more.  It's only a mere 715 miles (about 230 Parkruns, over 27 marathons or roughly London to Oslo or Venice).  She will be posting her journey on her website with a live tracker, and an OPPORTUNITY to ask her questions.  This is an ideal opportunity to tie the work into the Exploration topic in the booklet.  Why not do 'Planning an Arctic Expedition' and get pupils involved in asking questions...please mention the Polar Explorer Programme to boost your chances of getting selected.  Please visit her website here for more details.  There might be some exciting opportunities coming up soon after she returns as well...we'll keep you posted.


Age7-11, 11-14
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