STEM time line

We have a room in our DT depatment where you can walk around three of the four walls (it's in the center and all ather rooms are around the outside). It has glass on all three walls that have been frosted and presented us with quite an austere and cold environment, so we decorated it using the vinyl cutter (CAMM1) and some red tape. The caretakers helped us get the line level all the way around for the red tape with a laser level then we just added dates underneath. We cut out of vinyl and important events/ inventions/books/discoveries/bulidiings above. I believe it shows how diverse and far reaching STEM is, that it is so integeratl to everyones every days lives that it is almost invisible and taken for grantage how hugly improtant is has been shaping the development of society. It also show the huge importance STEM has in Education.

The students love it and always spot the new additions without us having to point them out (we add to it yearly). It is great for STEM discussion amongst parents, students and staff. It is a labour of love but all the staff here are so passionate about DT it is not onourous, especially when a lot of it has been done by our VIP technician! We are all very proud of it, its a good example of "development" in more ways than one. I hope you enjoy it too and are inspired.

1400 AD
The "noughties"
Students love this part of it
We constantly add to this so any dates you can think of please leave a comment


Subject(s)Careers, Computing, Design and technology, Control systems, Cooking and Nutrition, Electronics, Textiles, Resistant materials, Graphics, Product design, Engineering, Mathematics, Science, Physics, Earth science, Enquiries and investigations, Practical work
Age11-14, 14-16, 16-19, FE/HE
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Joseph Mather

This looks brilliant, I am looking to do something similar for next year! 


I like this! I'd have to scale it down though. You have done a great job with the space that was available.


I really like this! It looks so professional too.